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The story of a star that doesn’t know he can shine and his journey to learning he can. Carl was born in Town Books, beginning the collaboration of Courtney and Jennifer.


By Jenn Murray MacKenzie 


They all shine. 

 Not me. 

 Hi, I’m Carl. 

 I’m afraid of the dark. 

 No one wishes upon me. 

 It’s hard to be the only star that doesn’t shine. 

 Will you help me find my shine? 

 Oh, thank you, friend! 

 It isn’t here. 

 Or over here. 

 There is my sister, the brightest in the sky.  

 Sue, have you seen my shine? 

I’ve looked everywhere. 

 Carl, your shine is inside you, just let it glow. 

 I will try. 

 I did it!  I SHINE! 

 Now, make a wish. 

 You have a friend in the night sky. 

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