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Courtney Booker


Jennifer MacKenzie


Jennifer MacKenzie has worked with wonderful storytellers as a Visual Effects Artist at Industrial Light and Magic, ImageMovers Digital and Walt Disney Feature Animation.  After years of bringing stories to life on the silver screen she is returning to her first love, writing. Sharpening pencils and ready to share her stories with kids everywhere.


On Tuesdays, you can find her volunteering with the Friends of the San Anselmo library at Town Books, a happy place filled with volumes waiting for readers to discover them.


Jennifer lives in Northern California with her husband and two (quirky) cats.

Courtney Booker began her career working in the Story Department at Pixar on “Finding Nemo”, “The Incredibles” and “Cars”.  Learning from the best storytellers around, she took what she learned and began working as an illustrator and designer for many commercials and television shows, including “The Life and Times of Tim”.  She also brought her unique combination of design and storytelling talents to the creation of children’s music videos that include They Might be Giants “Here come the ABCs”.


Courtney brings humor and a lighthearted approach to her work, whether as a concept designer for “Coraline” or collaborating with Henry Selick and Peter Chan on “Moongirl”, a children’s book published by Candlewick Press.


These days you can find her working on illustrations for kids, who laugh at the sight of her surfing lion, or sunburnt panda bears. She lives in Marin County with her husband and two children, who are a constant source of humor and inspiration.

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